School of Computing


SUN 2 - Tele Application for European Regions

The general objective of this Initiative is to integrate and validate existing integrated (and practical) Telematics applications and services in a fully operable Regional and Trans-National Network of final users in different sectors for matching regional development and private organisations needs in regional public/private partnerships. The TeleRegions SUN Project commenced January 1996 and involves six major EU Regions (the Four Motors for Europe, North England and Upper Austria) with a population of over 35 million citizens. Working with over 600 end users representing administration, citizens and business community by June 1997. The project will have developed and verified demonstrators, at both Regional and Inter-Regional level, in the Urban and Rural, Education and Training, Administration, Health, Transport, Research and Support Sectors. Based on these results the main objective for SUN2 is to enhance the functionality of the applications and expand the SUNI user groups to a critical mass of users to provide within two years services for citizens, the business community and the public administration. These services will bring benefits for users in their daily working processes in cost and time, the industry to generate future products and the regional authorities obtaining know how and instruments for the improvement of the regional development strategies for the economy, the social development and the quality of life. This will be done on an European and interregional level showing how the Information Society can be entered and supported. It will be achieved by involving Regional Governments, Users and Industry who have agreed to integrate and validate the applications in a large European interregional network with a wide range of information and services. This will guarantee a high level of user involvement and the provision of a large number of access points in an extensive regional network. Europe wide exploitation and dissemination will be achieved by the participation of leading commercial companies and through two regional umbrella groups representing a large number of Regions of Europe.