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Vidipedia: Community indexing for audiovisual content

Releasing the hidden value contained in the tens of millions of hours of the world's media archives is dependent on the widespread of these collections in order to facilitate access. However, archive owners are reluctant to commit to the costs of digitization until two key enablers occur:

(a) A cost effective mechanism to annotate the collection such that potential users can search audio/video content to identify items that will satisfy their information need; and

(b) A working business model that supports the costs of digitization by demonstrating new revenue streams as a result of making the collection available.

The Vidipedia project seeks to address these needs by examining the potential for community based annotation and identifying a business model that supports it. The project will create a tool that will address the challenges of archiving, search and discovery for producers and consumers of multimedia content. Vidipedia will also enable interoperability at the semantic level between services and systems that support inter-enterprise applications.

Collaborators: ITV Tyne Tees, University of Sunderland, Enigma Interactive