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Data Privacy and Protection in Healthcare

Data Privacy and Protection in Healthcare


This course will focus on the key provisions of GDPR that apply to health data as well as on the rights and obligations associated with the processing of health data. Further, the impact of GDPR on cyber security will also be analysed. The learners will be guided through exercises to understand the privacy challenges associated with some common problems such as data re-identification and de-anonymisation.

The course covers:

  1. Privacy & Data Protection in general: the basics
  2. What constitutes personal and special category data?
  3. The problem of re-identification/de-anonymisation
    1. k-anonymity; suppression/generalisation (a bit about differential privacy)
  4. Key elements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR
  5. How does the GDPR relate to the DPA and what does it mean for the healthcare sector?
  6. Role of the Data Protection Officer
  7. Accountability, obligations, and transparency under GDPR
  8. National data opt-out
  9. Review of Caldicott principles to ensure safe and respectful handling of information
  10. What does GDPR mean for cyber security?
  11. Misuse of GDPR

Date and time: Thursday 4 March 2021   14:30 – 15:30
Fee: £120 one off session
Book the whole Health Informatics programme of 10 sessions for £1000

Data Privacy and Protection in Healthcare: medical staff looking at computer screen

Course Lecturers

Dr Charles Morisset

Charles Morisset is a Senior Lecturer in Security in the School of Computing at Newcastle University. He is the degree programme director of MSc in Computer Security and Resilience, leads the undergraduate System and Network Security module, and also co-leads the postgraduate System Security Module.

Charles also co-organised the Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life online course that explores practical cyber security including privacy online, payment safety and security at home. His research interests include decision-making for security systems in general, and access control in particular as well as security and resilience of infrastructure systems.

Professor Aad van Moorsel

Aad van Moorsel is a Professor in Computer Science, specialising in Cyber Security, at Newcastle University. His research focuses on security, privacy and trust, taking the perspective of the user and the decision-maker. He asks the questions: how can we run, make decisions about, and implement IT so that businesses are secure but efficient, and people feel safe but can be productive.

Aad is also the lead for Newcastle University in the Institute of Coding. The scheme offers postgraduate degree apprenticeships and CPD courses to improve digital skills.

He teaches on several undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He regularly consults and delivers CPD sessions on Blockchain and Cyber Security to professionals from several industries and diverse backgrounds.