School of Computing

Student employability

Student employability

Opportunities for industrial involvement

Opportunities for industrial involvement in curriculum

Our Computing department encourages input from industry as prospective employers of our graduates.

Organisations can provide real-world application of our learning as part of the student portfolio. They can also act as advisors to the development of the school’s curriculum.

We welcome all employers, from public and private sectors, to engage with its students.

Curriculum projects and portfolio

In 2019 the school has introduced its new curriculum for undergraduate teaching. A major component of the new curriculum is project work and developing a portfolio.

There is scope to include case studies with industry partners. Students will work on small projects during set periods throughout the year. The case studies will vary in complexity, time allocation and resourcing.

The school is looking for employers to work with undergraduate and postgraduate students. This would involve support during dissertation writing and providing research areas.

Group project in second year of the degree and during Master’s programmes

Our group project modules often have project specifications co-designed with an industry partner. These projects give groups of students a six-week time frame to work on a project. The industry partner is a stakeholder and client in this context.

Employability events

Every November, the school hosts a week of intensive employability events.

These have included:

  • hackathon workshops
  • placement discussions
  • coding and enterprise challenges
  • professional skills sessions
  • employer talks
  • networking events

The reach of these events is very broad and involves all types of students. Events usually attract groups of around 40 students for each event.

Events occur throughout the year and we are looking for employers to run such events from February 2020.

Mock interviews

Mock interviews with employers are part of the employability module in stage two. This gives employers and students the opportunity to speak to on a one-to-one basis.

Guest lectures on technical modules

Taught modules often include technical presentations from employers. These might share how they have developed and applied relevant technologies in their workplace.

Develop your professional skills seminars

On Wednesday afternoons, the school hosts a catered afternoon seminar series. Employers come and typically talk to 40-50 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Employers discuss developing professional skills and improving awareness of professional practice.

Student employment

Student placements

Over 30% of our undergraduates take part in an industrial placement between stages two and three.

This is a fantastic opportunity for employers to help guide the career paths of students.

Graduate employment

The School of Computing produces over 500 graduates at undergraduate and postgraduate level each year. Opportunities for accessing this rich stream of talent are available through our events. They include:

  • careers fairs
  • industrials seminars
  • employability 'speed dating'

The opportunities for employer interaction evolve each year. This helps us keep pace with and lead a dynamic and rapidly-changing marketplace.

The school works with the University’s award-winning Careers Service.