Accessibility Information

Accessibility Information

Should you or any of your guests have a disability or health condition, we will do everything we can to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible.


If you have a disability or health condition that requires extra support at your ceremony please contact the Congregations Team in advance of your ceremony.

If you are unable to use the steps to the stage, or do not wish to, we have a ramp that we can install. You also have the option not to go on stage, in which case the Presiding Officer will come down the steps to shake hands.


If any of your guests have a disability or health condition and will require extra support at ceremony, please let us know in advance of the ceremony when you complete the graduation booking form, buy extra tickets or by emailing the Congregations Team.

Special Arrangements can include:

  • Being seated on an aisle
  • Being seated near the front of the hall
  • A wheelchair space
  • A disabled parking space

Please arrive in good time for the ceremony and, after you have collected the tickets, report to the Marshals at the main door to the Armstrong Building. Your guests will be allowed to wait on seats inside the foyer of the Armstrong Building so they don’t have to queue outside. 

The King's Hall is wheelchair accessible and has a hearing loop system. Take a virtual tour of the King's Hall and Armstrong Building.

The Live Screening is wheelchair accessible via a lift and has a hearing loop system.

Assistance Dogs

Please contact the Congregations Team if you or a guest will be accompanied by an assistance dog. We’ll make sure the dog can sit with you comfortably.