Before the Day

Before the Day Checklist (December 2018 Congregations)

Essential checks you need to make before the day of your Congregations Ceremony.

 Everything you need to know about preparing for your graduation ceremony.


1. Check you're eligible to graduate

You must complete your course and appear on a pass list by Tuesday 13 November 2018.

 Tuesday 13 November

2. If you want to attend

If you're eligible to attend the December 2018 ceremonies, we'll send you an email with a link to the application form, in September. You must complete the application form by Monday 24 September to be guaranteed a place at a ceremony and for your name to be listed in the brochure.

 Monday 24 September

3. If you don't want to attend

Please complete the application form to let us know you won't be attending. You'll also be able to check that we have the correct delivery address for your certificate.

The application form also lets you defer to a future ceremony.

 Monday 24 September

4. Tickets

Your graduate ticket and up to two guest tickets are free of charge. All tickets include:

  • entry to the Congregation Ceremony
  • a ceremony programme
  • entrance to the post-ceremony reception

Extra guest tickets are sold online on a first-come first-served basis. We'll email you details of the ticket release dates once you've registered to attend your ceremony.

Extra guest tickets for King's Hall* cost £15 and extra guest tickets for the Live Screening* cost £10. 

*There may not be many Extra Guest Tickets, and most Extra Tickets will be for the Live Screening rather than the King's Hall.

 Extra Tickets on sale week beginning 15 October

5. Clear your debts

If you've got debts to the University, they must be reduced to under £100 if you want to attend a ceremony. Debts must be cleared completely for you to receive your parchment (certificate).

 Tuesday 13 November


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Visa invitation letter

If you're a student and need an invitation letter to your ceremony, to support a visa application for you or your guests, complete the visa letter request form.

Student Orator

The 'Student Orator' is the graduate who makes the closing speech at their ceremony. If you want to apply for this role, go to the Student Orator information page.