Nominations for Honorary Graduates

Nominations for Honorary Graduates

The Honorary Degrees Committee invites nominations for the award of Honorary Degrees. Nominations for the December 2020 Congregation ceremonies are now open.


Any member of Court, Council, Academic Board and the alumni present at meetings of Convocation at which the request for nominations is tabled, may make a nomination.  The University should not be pressurised into approving nominations from outside bodies.

Where several members make a joint nomination, one should be shown as the nominator and the others as supporters.

Criteria for award

Principles for the award of Honorary Degrees (Word: 29KB) outlines the criteria for awarding honorary degrees. Consult this before making a nomination.

The committee welcomes nominees from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Nomination deadline

Friday 6 December 2019

Nomination form

To make a nomination, please complete an Honorary Degree Nomination Form

More information

Contact for queries: Simon Meacher, Executive Office & Governance Manager, Executive Office, Corporate Affairs