On the Day

On the Day

Essential information for the day of your Congregation Ceremony.


On the Day

These pages will guide you through the itinerary for the day.

Before your ceremony:

  • 1hr 30mins before your ceremony - Register and collect all tickets from The Boiler House, King's Road
  • 1hr 30mins before your ceremony - Collect your gown from The Bamburgh Room, Hadrian Building
  • 30 mins before your ceremony - Candidates report to the Armstrong Building
  • 15 mins before your ceremony - Guests to be seated in the Armstrong Building
  • Enjoy the Ceremony

After your ceremony:

  • After your ceremony - Attend the Reception (Check your ticket on the day for venue information)
  • After your ceremony - Have your photograph taken in the Barbara Strang Teaching Centre
  • After your ceremony - Return your gown to The Bamburgh Room, Hadrian Building

Remember to:

  • bring your Student Card or other photographic ID 
  • update your details by visiting the Alumni Desk or by using the Alumni Form

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Ticket & Degree Collection

Ticket Collection

1hr 30mins before your ceremony

Register and collect all tickets and your degree parchment from The Boiler House, King's Road. We have to give tickets to the candidate only, so please don't send one of your guests to collect them.

Please bring photographic ID with you.

Your Ceremony Time: Collect your Tickets from:
09:30 08:00
11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 09:30 onwards

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Gown Hire

Gown Collection

1hr 30mins before your ceremony

Collect your gown from The Bamburgh Room, Hadrian Building. Remember to return your gown by 19:30 on the same day. 

Bring your Gown Hire Confirmation.

Your Ceremony Time: Collect your Gown from:
09:30 08:00
11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30 09:30 onwards

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The Ceremony

The Ceremony

30 mins before your ceremony

You must be at the Armstrong Building 30 minutes before the start of your ceremony. Guests will be seated 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony, once the graduates have been checked in.


Graduates are called to the stage in order of academic School, award and surname

There is no mention of your classification (eg 2:1) during the ceremony or in the programme. However, this information will be stated on your degree parchment (certificate).

Hooding ceremony

We do not present you with your degree parchment on stage.

The graduation ceremony is a hooding ceremony, during which your award is recognised publicly and you shake the hand of the Presiding Officer.

More information about parchment issuing is available.


The Newcastle University tradition is for candidates to shake the hand of the Presiding Officer when crossing the stage. If you don't want to do this (for example for religious reasons), please carry a Ceremony Brochure in both hands when you approach the stage.

Student Orator

At the end of each ceremony, the Student Orator will give a speech, which will reflect on their time as a student at the University and look forward to the future. 

The whole ceremony will last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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The Reception

After the ceremony

Graduates and guests are invited to attend a celebratory reception immediately after the ceremony. This will be held in the Lindisfarne Room, Hadrian Building.

Refreshments will include:

  • A Glass of Prosecco (or Orange Juice)
  • Selection of Canapés

Please note that refreshments are served at the start of the reception. Please arrive punctually.

During some receptions, there will also be a short presentation to prize winners (your school will contact you if you have been awarded a School Prize). Please remain in your gowns until after the reception.

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Our photographers will welcome candidates and their guests into their photography studios in the Barbara Strang Teaching Centre between 08.00 and 19.30 every day during the Congregations.

Wherever possible, a photograph will be taken of each candidate on stage during the ceremony. These photographs will be available to purchase and take home on the day from The Boiler House, King's Road.

A DVD of each graduation ceremony will be available to buy from The Boiler House, King's Road on the day of the ceremony. The DVD includes the whole ceremony, plus an introduction with views of the city and campus. 

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