Online Graduations

Online Graduation Celebrations

Winter 2020 Celebrations

Graduation Celebration Day (Wednesday 16 December 2020)

The graduation celebration videos will be released during the morning of Wednesday 16 December. You will receive an email to let you know when the video for your Faculty (or School) is available, and which will also include details for how you can join in the celebrations via the University’s social media platforms.

View the Graduation Celebration Video

The online graduation celebrations are not a replica or replacement of the traditional graduation ceremonies as we know that we cannot replace the special feeling of celebrating with friends and family on campus. The graduation celebration video is intended to be a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the amazing achievements of the Class of 2020 as well as an opportunity to reflect on your time at the University and in the city, until the time that we can invite you back to campus. 

Future Graduation Ceremonies

To ensure that we are able to contact you about future graduation ceremonies on campus, please ensure that your personal email address is up to date on S3P.