Your Video Message

Message Content

Your video message can be up to 15 seconds in length. There is no set format for your message, it can be whatever you would like it to be.

Here are a few suggestions though if you are not sure what to say:

  • Chance to congratulate fellow students and/or thank those who have supported or helped you during your studies?
  • Provide a favourite memory from your time at Newcastle?
  • Describe your greatest achievement?
  • Share what you liked the most about your course, the University or the city; or what you will miss the most?
  • An opportunity to offer some inspiration to others?

Please be aware that videos do not have to include images of yourself or any speaking. If preferred, they could be entirely text-based, musical, visual etc. Creativity is actively encouraged!

If you know how, then it is possible to record a video message with a background image in Zoom (e.g. so that you appear with a campus image behind you).

You are also welcome to record a joint message with a fellow student(s) on your course (provided you are able to comply with Covid-19 rules and restrictions).

Please remember that the events are both public and family-friendly and that you are representing the Newcastle University Class of 2020. All messages will be checked after submission and before the online event goes live. You are only permitted to submit a message for the online event to which you have been invited, but you will be able to view all other events.

Instructions for Submitting a Video

Please click here for instructions on how to submit your video message.