Gown Hire

Gown Hire

All graduates must wear the official Newcastle University Gown at their ceremony.

Hiring academic dress

Gown hire for December 2022 congregations is now CLOSED.

You can hire your gown on the day, but this will be CASH ONLY. 

Hire charges

Hire is for one day, and charges are as follows:

  • Non-Degree Qualifications (Diplomas and Certificates) = £43
  • Undergraduate Degrees = £43
  • Postgraduate Masters Degrees = £48
  • Doctorates = £53

Buying academic dress

If you wish to buy academic dress (rather than hiring it), please contact Gray & Son Robemakers directly. Prices start at £212 for academic dress for a Bachelor's degree. The contact details for the Robemakers are as follows:

Gray & Son Robemakers (Durham) Limited
Address: 4 Neville Street, Durham, DH1 4EY
Tel: 0191 386 4168
Fax: 0191 386 0689

No mortar board

Most academic dress at Newcastle University does not include a mortar board, by tradition.

The story goes that when Newcastle became an independent university in 1963, students celebrated freedom by throwing their traditional hats into the River Tyne.

Since then, Newcastle University academic dress has not included a mortar board.

Collecting your gown

Hired gowns will be available to collect from Ground Floor, Hadrian Building on the day of your ceremony and must be returned on the same day.

What should I wear for my ceremony?

Although the Congregation ceremonies represent a chance to celebrate your achievements, they are also traditional formal events. You are encouraged to dress accordingly.

We advise candidates to wear a light coloured shirt or blouse with dark trousers or a skirt.

A buttoned shirt or blouse is recommended as there is a loop on the academic hood which can be affixed over a button.

Alternatively, you may wish to bring a safety pin to help hold the hood in place.

Traditional and national dress is encouraged. All attendees are also advised to dress in a manner appropriate to the weather, noting that there may be queues outside the Congregations venues.