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Mwana Othman

Mwana Othman

Contribution of the farming groups to the livelihood improvement of women small scale farmers in Zanzibar.

Email: M.S.Othman2@newcastle.ac.uk

Supervisors: Dr Elizabeth Oughton and Guy Garrod

Project overview

Zanzibar is a part of the United Republic of Tanzania that depends largely on agriculture for its economy. Agricultural activities are dominated by small scale subsistence farmers, the majority being women who account for 70% of the labour force in the sector. The government of the country have been encouraging formation of farmer’s groups in order to provide the required support including extension services as well as donor support rather than working with individual farmers.

The aim of the study is to examine the contribution of the farming groups to the livelihood improvement of women small scale farmers with three objectives: first, to identify the structures of the farming groups and the strength of women participation within the groups; second, to determine whether the farming groups have resulted to a considerable livelihood changes for women farmers; and third, to analyse the existing social benefits of agricultural groups to women farmers in relation to their gender disadvantages.

The study will contribute to discussions on policy implementation towards promoting gender equality in agricultural development. The methods will include a review of the relevant literature and use qualitative methods in the field initially to help design the most suitable methodology, which may include data from quantitative methods. Primary and secondary sources of data will be involved.