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Seminar: The architect’s cognitive prosthesis

Seminar: The architect’s cognitive prosthesis

Wed 12th January 2022, 13:00-14.00
Main gallery in the Architecture Building

The architect’s cognitive prosthesis: a dialectical critique of computational practice

Creative Practice Research Forum

Speaker: Alex Blanchard, post-graduate researcher, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape 


static void a_dialectical_critique(string[], computation) 

while ( architectural practice hinges around computational methods ) 

{ the agency of the computer shapes the designer’s task, forming a cognitive prosthesis that mediates their correspondence with the world };  

if ( the computer programmes the designer’s gesture, reducing them to a machine operator ) 

then { we encounter a poverty of experience catalysed by an over-determination of desire };  

while ( operating Autodesk Revit ) 

{ I experience a past I have not lived };  

for ( construction of an alternative dialectical mode of computation ) 

{ we can draw from Walter Benjamin and Bernard Stiegler to develop a positive critique from within the industrialised history of digital practices };  

if ( using earlier forms of digitality ) 


{, orthographic_writing) 

exectuable_code.breaks(from its point of inscription)          

exectuable_code ! required to execute 

orthographic_writing.holds(capacity for deferral, reification) 



forming the foundation of an alternative apparatus() 

alternativeapparatus(! determinate of the operator’s desire) 


using dialecticalcomputer 

dialecticalcomputer.reconstruct(AB,     CarliolHouse, BamburghHouse, ParamountTheatre, DexGarage);  

while ( dialecticalcomputer.reconstruct ) 

develop a positive critique of contemporary computational practices 

recoup grammatising processes from industrialised mould 

employing new phenomenal experiences encoded by the apparatus 





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