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Online Exhibition: One Cell At A Time

Online Exhibition: One Cell At A Time

One Cell At A Time brings together thirteen newly commissioned artworks and creative learning projects that are inspired by the work of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), a global scientific research initiative. The Human Cell Atlas aims to map every cell type in the human body as a basis for both understanding human health and for diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease.


The exhibition features participatory artworks, small-run publications which fuse art, photography and creative writing (‘zines’) and creative learning projects. To create these artworks, visual and digital artists, inventors, designers, poets and dancers collaborated virtually with members of the HCA, local communities and schoolchildren across the United Kingdom, throughout 2020 and 2021. Together, they creatively explored and responded to the science of the HCA initiative, as well public attitudes towards body, tissue and data donation for research.


Join us as we reflect upon the role we can all play in scientific discovery. Experience the interplay between gut microbiology, the immune system and the links between our biomedical and environmental health. Immersive yourself in cinematic, experimental film and imagined futures and speculative worlds that are transformed by our understanding of our cellular body through sensory guided meditations. Travel with us from the cosmic to the cellular, from flesh to data through film, live scores and CGI imagery. Find out how we might help contribute to a collective source of knowledge for humanity through an Augmented Reality (AR) journey that uses sound and 3D visuals to spark debates about donating our organs, tissue and body data.


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Visit from 29 October to 30 November 2021.

 Wellcome Trust Grant Z18597/Z/19/Z.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences