Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy



We have world-class facilities in all areas of synthetic biology. Our hub lies in the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology.

Wet lab facilities

Our laboratory facilities are specifically designed for the investigation of all aspects of microbiology and molecular biology.

Microscopy Facilities

The Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology has extensive, world-class microscopy facilities. This allows for a broad range of research, from nanotechnology to whole cell function. 

We particularly specialise in fluorescence imaging with special capabilities such as:

  • long term imaging
  • 4D multi position imaging
  • rapid multicolour imaging
  • low light level imaging
  • photo activation / 3D imaging

Computer facilities

The School of Computing science is a large contributor to the Centre. We provide individual workstations, and a computer cluster for computer-intensive analysis of large data sets. 

We also have extensive experience in eScience, Grid and Cloud computing. We've developed a suite of tools that can be used for highly parallel computing.


Modern high-throughput biology requires a high degree of automation. 

Our robotics facilities are constantly expanding. They currently include an Ion Torrent PGM genome sequencer. We have robots for the large-scale analysis of variations in yeast colonies.


Microfluidics, or lab-on-a-chip technologies, are becoming increasingly important in synthetic biology. They permit tracking and selection of individual, engineered cells. 

Our microfluidics laboratory is constantly being developed and updated.

Conference and meeting facilities

Science that is not communicated is not properly completed. We have a range of facilities for hosting meetings and conferences of all sizes. These are both within our building and on the wider campus. 

On site facilities include meeting rooms. These can hold from six to 200 attendees.

We can host even larger meetings at the Research Beehive and the Centre for Life.