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PhD Studentship in Computing Science - Verification of Portable Synthetic Biocircuits (EPSRC Portabolomics)

New PhD studentship in the group of Dr. Paolo Zuliani at the School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK.


This PhD project will advance our world-leading model checking technologies for both verifying and designing biocircuits that are certifiably compliant with the Portabolomics bio-adaptor. This challenge includes the following research strands:

  • Property description formalisms for specifying design requirements for the bio-adaptor and more generally for Synthetic Biology.
  • Model checking and partial order reduction techniques for combating state-explosion in formal verification of bio-engineered designs.
  • Formal parameter synthesis protocols and design exploration for hybrid network models for hybrid abstract-concrete network models.
  • This studentship provides a unique opportunity to perform interdisciplinary, high-impact research within a well-funded group of researchers. The successful candidate will join the ICOS group, which consists of 50 individuals conducting cutting-edge research at the interface of computing science and complex biological systems.

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EPSRC 5-year program grant: Synthetic Portabolomics

“Leading the way at the crossroads of the Digital and the Bio-Economies”

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