Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy

Past Seminars

Bacterial mechanics: physical constraints to predict molecular and cellular interactions

Dr Angel Goñi Moreno, ICOS, School of Computing Science

Date/Time: 17th January 2017, 13:00

Venue: Level 2 Meeting Room, CBCB, Baddiley-Clark Building

CSBB Research Seminars

Dr Angel Goñi Moreno, ICOS, School of Computing Science

Abstract: The motion of physical bodies depends heavily on basic mechanistic features such as displacements, impulses, frictions or collisions. However, biological data is commonly explained exclusively in terms of biochemical factors, ruling out an entire set of possible causes. Recent results suggest that similar mechanistic details can describe the behaviour of biological entities at very different scales, ranging from molecular biology to microbiology. A simple computational physics-based model predicted i transcriptional noise profiles and ii population pattern formation, as a function of both distance and obstacle positioning. This results suggests that mechanical effects can by no means be overlooked when engineering networks/consortia e.g. in Synthetic Biology constructs.


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