Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy

Staff Profile

Professor Darren Wilkinson

Professor of Stochastic Modelling


Although my background and particular expertise are both in Bayesian statistical inference, I have a broad range of research interests, cutting across mathematics, statistics, probability theory, modelling, computing science, and molecular and systems biology. 


Most of my current research interests involve applications of Bayesian statistics to a variety of challenging problems in Molecular biology, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. I am especially interested in parameter inference for dynamic biological models, and the use of approximate models and (stochastic) model emulators for rendering computationally prohibitive algorithms for "big data" more tractable. I'm also interested in functional programming for statistical computing and probabilistic programming.

Areas of expertise

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Big data
  • Computational systems biology
  • Genomics

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Co-Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data


  • Associate Editor for the SIAM/ASA Journal of Uncertainty Quantification

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Research Interests

  • Bayesian analysis and Bayesian software development
  • Dynamic and graphical models, and Markov processes
  • Statistical bioinformatics and stochastic modelling in Systems Biology
  • Cloud computing technology for big data and computational statistics
  • Efficient Bayesian computation and Bayes linear methods


MAS8381: Statistics for Big Data