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Dr Seamus Holden

Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Group leader)


I am a Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Group leader) at the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology in the University of Newcastle, UK.

In my lab, we use advanced microscopy to figure out fundamental principles of bacterial spatial organization, focussing particularly on how bacteria divide and grow. We work at the interface between microbiology, biophysics and advanced microscopy.

Group website: Holden Lab website

VACANCIES We are always open to informal enquiries for PhD or Post-doctoral positions in this lab, and often find a way to fund good candidates. Please feel free to email me if you are interested (seamus.holden@ncl.ac.uk).


- Bacterial cell division

- Physical principles of bacterial spatial organization

- Super-resolution microscopy

My research centres on studying the quantitative biology/ biophysics of bacteria, especially bacterial cell division, using single molecule fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy. I see bacteria as the perfect model system for the biophysicist. Their small size makes it possible to image the whole organism simultaneously, and utilising localization microscopy it is possible to localize nearly every molecule of a labelled protein with nanoscale resolution, within the living organism.


Current teaching at undergraduate and masters level:

MMB8016    Molecular Microbiology    Lecturer

Research project supervision:

MRes project supervisor