Centre for Software Reliability



We carry out research and technology transfer with scientists, industry and government.

Computer hardware

We focus on ways to avoid, detect, tolerate and eliminate threats to systems. Our research is no longer restricted to software, but takes a system-wide view of dependability. 

This includes the roles played by infrastructure, people, and the operating environment. 

Increasingly, our work crosses boundaries with a wide range of other disciplines. We work with colleagues in engineering, manufacturing, and sociology.


Our current projects develop methods and tools to ensure the trustworthiness of some of the most demanding types of computer system.

CSR is an internationally leading centre for formal methods, particularly:

  • model-based techniques
  • refinement
  • verification technology

We have unique experience in successfully deploying formal methods and tools in industrial practice.

We are linked to the Digital Institute and the work of the Secure & Resilient Systems group in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University.

CSR operates as a designated University Research Centre in the School of Computing Science.

Areas of research

Our main areas of research are:

  • advanced system architectures
  • adaptive software architectures for control systems
  • applying game theory to guide trade-offs
  • hybrid systems theory
  • diversity in the design of critical systems
  • requirements representation, evolution, traceability and analysis
  • formal methods and techniques for analysing timing properties
  • software safety analysis and information structures for safety cases
  • brokerage for electronic commerce
  • organisation and enterprise modelling