Centre for Software Reliability

Staff Profile

Dr Carl Gamble

Research Associate


Carl has been a Research Associate in the School of Computing Science for 10 years and his main research area is the co-modelling and co-simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems.  In the recently completed INTO-CPS (EU, H2020) project, he developed methods and tools supporting Design Space Exploration (DSE) and requirements traceability.   This work followed on from his development of both DSE and fault modelling methods in the DESTECS (EU, FP7) project and the DSE work in the MERLIN rail (EU, FP7) project.


Carl also has interests in the area of data provenance and dependability, having helped develop tooling for the abstraction of provenance meta-data in the DaISy (MOD) project and a tool for experimenting with the use of dependability meta-data in the SSEI (MOD) project.


Before becoming an RA, Carl’s PhD focussed on the design time detection of architectural mismatch when composing web-services, this was supervised by Dr. Cristina Gacek.  Previous to his PhD, Carl obtained a BEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineering after which worked as an Industrial Engineer for a Tier-1 automotive supplier, being responsible for the programming of their industrial robots and their mission critical synchronous delivery system.

Carl is currently continuing development of DSE and requirements traceability tools and methods as part of the INTO-CPS association and is also working with the SIEMENS MindSphere Innovation Network to develop the MindSphere Lab, developing and promoting the use if IoT, the cloud and data analytics.  This is alongside the development of Newcastle University's own Cyber-Physical Lab.