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Dr Jason Steggles

Senior Lecturer


Jason Steggles studied for the degree of PhD in theoretical computer science at the Department of Computer Science, Univerversity of Wales, Swansea. He is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Computing Science at the University of Newcastle. He is a member of the Modelling and Reasoning research group (AMBER) and the Centre for Software Reliability (CSR) at Newcastle, and has strong links to the Dependability research group. He is also an active member of the ASL (Asynchronous Systems Lab) and Bioinformatics research themes.

Jason's research interests centre around the development and application of formal methods to modelling and reasoning about computing systems. This has involved developing techniques and tools based on higher-order algebraic methods to verify stream processing systems (e.g. systolic and dataflow devices, real-time systems, and families of computing devices). Jason has also been investigating applying formal techniques to biological networks and has developed a range of Petri net models and tools which can be used to model and analyse genetic regulatory networks.


My research interests centre on the development and application of formal techniques and tools for modelling and understanding computer systems. This work has involved investigating the development of formal techniques to model and analyse biological systems and in particular, I have worked on applying Petri nets to modelling genetic regulatory networks. I have also worked extensively with algebraic techniques and recent work has focused on using rewriting logic as a semantic framework for analysing concurrent, mobile systems.

Associated research related activities:

·        MeCBIC programme committee

·        CONCUR  Workshop co-chair

·        Petri Nets and ACSD 2011 Publicity Chair



I teach the following modules:

  • CSC1025: Mathematics for Computer Science
  • CSC2023: Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • CSC8499: MSc in Advanced Computer Science Project

The following is a list of my teaching related administrative duties:

  • Chair of the Taught Postgraduate  Board of Examiners
  • Chair of the Taught Postgraduate   Personal Extenuating Circumstance (PEC) Committee
  • Degree Programme Director for MSc in Advanced Computer Science
  • Admissions Officer for MSc in Advanced Computer Science
  • Member of the School Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee