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Dr Geetha Jayaraman

Lecturer in Film Practice


Dr Geetha Jayaraman known as Geetha J is a writer, filmmaker and producer. 

A keen interest in women’s issues led her to become one of the founding members of the first autonomous woman’s organizations in Kerala, India. She embarked on her media career as a journalist, later moving in to television as a presenter/producer and writing as a film critic. She received wide critical acclaim for her first television documentary, The (A)Miss World, on the clash of thoughts and controversies surrounding the Miss World competition in India in 1996.

In 2001, Geetha came to England and while lecturing at the University of Sussex set up the award-winning Brighton International Film Society of which Ken Loach was the Patron. Acquiring her own video camera resulted in her returning to India to make her first film Woman with a Video Camera (2005, 52 mins) from Kerala that had hardly any woman filmmaker then.

Geetha founded AkamPuram, an independent production company that has a distinctive slate of documentaries, experimental shorts and hybrid works to its credit. She received the Göteborg International Film Festival’s Film Development Fund for her first feature script A Certain Slant of Light. This was selected for NFDC’s Directors’ Lab 2014. Her second script End Game was at the Co-Production Market at Film Bazaar 2014.

Geetha also works with filmmaker Ian McDonald on his documentaries.  All their films have been to international film festivals. Their first feature doc, the multi-award winning Algorithms (2012, 100 mins) has had an international theatrical and dvd release.

Geetha did her BA and MA in English language and literature. She was awarded a doctorate for her thesis Woman in Indian Narratives that includes a critical interrogation of the dominant pan-Indian Hindi cinema. Geetha is also trained in South Indian classical music and dance and was involved in progressive street plays.

Geetha joined Newcastle University in Sept 2015.

Select Independent Filmography:

As Director:

2016:            OM:OldMan | 30min | India-UK | Documentary

2014:            Seescapes | 10min | India | English, Hindi, Tamil, Odiya with EST | Hybrid Documentary

2007:            Akam/Inside | 12 min | Ind | English-Malayalam | Cine-poem

2006:            A Short Film About Nostalgia | 17 min | Ind | Eng | Docu-fiction

2005:            Woman with a Video Camera | 52 min | Ind | Mus | Creative Doc

As Producer and Creative Collaborator:

2017:            FREEDOM | 22min & 10min | UK | 4-screen gallery installation

2012:            Algorithms | 100 min | India | Documentary

2011:            Justin | 30 min | UK | Documentary

2008:            Out of Our Hands | 9 min | India | Documentary

2008:            Shame | 5 min | UK | Documentary

2007:            Brighton Bandits | 40 min | UK | Documentary

2007:            Inside the Kalari | 20 min | India | Documentary

On Algorithms:

Interview with Geetha J and Ian McDonald

Interview with Geetha J



Research Interests:

Geetha's research area is primarily film practice - both as director and producer.

Geetha is interested in supervising practice-based research in fiction and non-fiction as well as subjects under Indian cinema, World Cinema, Women and Cinema. Her interests include Film Theory and History, Film Journalism and Criticism, Film Societies and Festivals.


Industry experience:

Geetha has worked in the Print and Visual Media in India for over a decade. She has been working as an independent director and producer from 2003 onwards in both India and England. She founded AkamPuram, India and interventions, UK. 


Geetha is the module leader for

UG - The Story of Cinema: Global Histories

PG -  Film Production: fiction


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