School of Dental Sciences

Public Engagement

Public Engagement


The Dental School and Hospital is a major, public-funded institution.

We think it’s important for members of the public to know what we do. We're also keen to engage with individuals and community groups.

Dental Professionals

One of our key areas of service is in providing training for the dental workforce of the future

The training of dentists and dental care professionals is ‘hands-on’. This includes treating members of the public.

In our teaching clinics, trainee dentists and hygienists/therapists care for patients. They are supervised by qualified staff.

Volunteer patients and free dental care

Our need for new patients varies throughout the year, and year to year. We can’t guarantee to take everybody who applies. 

One benefit of care in a student clinic is volunteer patients get free dental treatment.


There are websites available with helpful information about dental and oral health.

We work in the community and offer volunteer patients free treatment to help our dental students learn.
We work in the community and offer volunteer patients free treatment to help our dental students learn.

What We Do

The Dental School and Hospital is a vibrant community.

We bring together:

  • University and NHS staff
  • students of dentistry and allied professions
  • teachers and researchers
  • scientists and support staff from a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds

Training professionals

Our primary mission is to train student dentists and dental care professionals. These include dental nurses, dental technicians, dental hygienists and therapists. 

They will manage, support and deliver oral health services for the next generation.

Well-equipped teaching clinics give our students experience in a range of dental procedures. They then provide free dental treatment for the public under expert supervision.


Research is key, with specialist facilities for basic science and clinical research. 


We also link with: 

You can keep up-to-date with the School's activities with our news.

Teaching the dentists of the future is the School's primary aim. Prof John Whitworth helps a student with use of a microscope.
Teaching the dentists of the future is the School's primary aim.

Research Highlights

Here we highlight the impact our research is having in the wider context of dentistry and dental science.

Free Treatment

Thank you for your interest in free dental treatment.

Please note that our students do not provide specialist treatments such as implants and orthodontics. For advice on these treatments, see your dentist. Our waiting lists for free dental treatment are currently closed.


We will contact you as soon as a vacancy becomes available. Waiting time will vary depending on our capacity but we will try to see you as soon as possible.

We do have an ongoing need for patients to support the clinical training of our students. We will be recruiting new patients regularly.


It's important civic universities like ours are not just world-class teaching and research institutions.

We need to be locally relevant, sharing skills and resources in the service of society. We serve our community with free dental treatment provided by our students. 

This takes place in the Dental School and Hospital, and in clinics around the city, including:

  • Arthur’s Hill
  • Byker
  • Kenton and Walker

Our senior students bring much-needed dental care to local communities.

Brush-up group

Student volunteers also invest considerable energy and free-time in oral-health community outreach. Our Brush-up group has a full programme of events, engaging with: 

  • school groups
  • uniformed organisations
  • community health initiatives such as Newcastle Sure Start 

They bring oral health and dietary advice, as well as information on careers in dental and oral health.

The group also contributes to wider University initiatives. These include Apprentice Students on Campus. This helps introduce schoolchildren to the University and its courses. 

Brush-up won a Santander Community Engagement Award in 2011. For more information on Brush-up or other community outreach events, please contact

Dental students in the community

Our fourth years broaden their dental experience with an elective summer period. They work in a different environment at home or overseas

Many choose to support under-dentisted communities from the Amazon Basin to the Cook Islands. They provide education and routine dental care, often with limited equipment and resources. 

Their experiences are life-transforming. It gives them fresh insights on the nature of service and the value of oral health.

Our Brush-up group spend lots of time promoting oral health in local communities.
Our Brush-up group spend lots of time promoting oral health in local communities.

Oral Health

Here you will find links to organisations providing more information about oral health.

General dental advice

Specialist dental advice by subject (sites with public areas)