School of Dental Sciences

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Charlotte Bowes

Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry



I graduated from Newcastle in 2015. Since then I completed my foundation training in a dental practice in Southport. Following this I have worked in practices in the North East as a GDP.

Currently I am working as a GDP part time alongside my Clinical Fellow post and have an interest in special care related research.


Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery RCPS (Glasg) (2019)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Merit in Clinical Dentistry (2015)


My interest in research started as an undergraduate when I undertook a small research project in the field of orofacial pain during my elective in stage 4. The aim of the study was to see if social media was a suitable platform for COFP sufferers to record pain events. The study was successful in showing that Twitter was a viable medium for this. I continue to have an interest in COFP research and also related psychological impacts.

In April 2019 I was awarded funding by EngageFMS at Newcastle University, which provided funding to carry out a Patient and Public Engagement project. My project developed a research question around oral health care for people with substance dependency.


My teaching role is as a clinical supervisor on ARC and prosthodontic clinics, teaching students from 3rd-5th year dental students.

I completed the Newcastle Teaching Award to gain fellowship status in December 2019.