School of Dental Sciences



Dental Surgery BDS Honours

Choosing Newcastle 

I loved the city when I came to visit on the open day and could really imagine living here. Then the Dental School really appealed to me. I liked the structure of the course and the facilities were excellent. 

But the most important factor was how nice everybody was. It seemed fun and friendly and I knew I would have an amazing time if I came here and I have.

The course 

So far it has been brilliant. I have enjoyed everything I have studied. It’s interesting when you discover the clinical relevance behind what you have learnt. It tells you why you need that knowledge as a dentist.

The facilities 

Fantastic, especially the clinical simulation room with phantom heads to practise on first. There is also a learning resource centre with microscopes and resources from practicals. This is useful come exam time.

The city 

Newcastle is vibrant and friendly. You’re spoilt for choice for things to do. The nightlife in particular is amazing. There are always new places to go every night - restaurants, bars or clubs. 

Student accommodation 

Prop your door open at the start of the year and you’ll get to know so many people living around you. Everybody is in the same position so don’t worry about it too much.

In first year I lived in university halls and it was brilliant. I got to meet so many people and it was really easy to make friends and we had so much fun. 

This year I live in a house with five other girls in Jesmond. It's still lots of fun as it’s a huge student area but it is nice to have home comforts again after living in halls.

Spare time

I go out with friends a lot and I am part of the Dental Society which organises great socials throughout the year. I also swim, run and dance a few times a week.

You could never be bored here. There is always something going on and the people you become friends with make it amazing.