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Do you want to understand your data? Do you want to create visualizations that explain your data to others? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user our courses are designed to provide you with new skills to explore and visualize your data. 

Introduction to Visualization Tools and Techniques (VTT)

This course provides an introduction for first time users to modern visualization tools and techniques. It includes a strong practical element that gets you up to speed with a modern BI visualization tool. The course will cover the following topics: visualization definitions, choosing between tools, visualizing categorical, numerical and spatial data, and publishing visualizations.

Prequisites – a basic knowledge of spreadsheets, for example Microsoft Excel.

Please note that this is not a training course for a specific visualization technology, but provides an overview of visualization tools available. 

Outline of syllabus: 

Visualization Tools and Techniques Syllabus

Designing Visualizations for Understanding (DVU)

This course looks in more detail at how to design a visualization to convey the information you need it to. It covers key themes in human vision and perception, the principles of graphics design and colour theory and shows you how these can be applied to tables, charts and geographic visualizations.

Prequisites – a basic knowledge of a BI tool for example Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.

Next date for this course: TBA contact us for details:

Outline of syllabus

Designing Visualizations for Understanding syllabus

Customizing Courses to Your Needs

We are happy to consider developing custom content to cover areas extending beyond those above. For example, including live data visualization, 3D visualization and the use of specialist display and interaction hardware.
Contact us to help you match a course to your organization’s needs:

Our Team

The courses are designed and led by Nick Holliman, Nick is Professor of Visualization at Newcastle University, he has researched and taught visualization techniques for over twenty years in both industrial and academic groups. His award-winning visualizations have illustrated medical and scientific data. He is currently leading a research group visualizing data from the North East including the pioneering Newcastle Urban Observatory project. Each course is supported by a team of experienced data scientists and visualization specialists from the Digital Institute.