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The need to maintain regular physical activity becomes increasingly important as we age, to ensure we maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent age-related illness.

Discovering the type and intensity of exercise a person undertakes is a difficult challenge. MOVEeCloud tackles this by identifying these measures individually. In the studies, an accelerometer is worn by the patient to collect movement data. This is then analysed to create a personalised treatment plan.

This works by:

  • recording the patient's movements using the accelerometer
  • using validated techniques to determine the length and intensity of activity and sleep patterns
  • storing and analysing the data securely using cloud computing so that clinicians and researchers can make use of it
  • allowing Healthcare professionals to view summaries of the data so that they can create exercise routines specific to the individual's needs

The collaboration between the Digital Institute and MoveLab, based in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, is creating the world’s first open resource for the storage and analysis of data on physical activity, physical function and sleep. It is currently being used in a number of clinical studies looking at the effects of physical activity on Type 2 Diabetes and Myotonic Dystrophy Type I.

MOVEeCloud project image