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Social inclusion through the Digital Economy (SiDE)

Poor health, disability, family breakdown, poverty and unemployment are just some of the reasons why people of all ages may become marginalised from society. SiDE is tackling social exclusion by designing digital technologies that can help people and communities who find themselves in this situation.

Research has focussed on four areas where digital technologies can deliver major social benefits:

  • connected home and community
  • accessibility
  • inclusive transport
  • creative industries

An interdisciplinary approach is essential for the work to have a real impact so these activities are being investigated from the research perspectives of technology, society, business, design and the user. 

The research is highly user-driven, working with a group of 3,000 volunteers from Dundee and Newcastle. This includes people from a range of age groups and with a variety of impairments. The project also works closely with a large number of external organisations including industry, the public sector and charities.      

SiDE project car with SiDE logo

Digital Institute projects and applications

SiDE has initiated and explored a range of projects in which the Digital Institute has played a leading role. These include:

The cloud based analytics platform e-Science Central has underpinned much of SiDE’s research to collate vast amounts of data and make it more accessible to researchers working in different teams.   

Further information

The project is funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Programme and has a value of £12,000,000. 

For further information please visit the Social inclusion through the digital economy (SIDE) website