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Social Media Analysis for Social Geography (SOMAG)

The rising popularity of social networking has revolutionised the way many people communicate their opinions. SOMAG is a project to understand how people use social media to become more integrated in local communities.

Tweet My Street is a tool that makes it simpler for researchers to exploit the vast amount of rich data produced by Twitter users, allowing them to:

  • automate the collection and analysis of Twitter data, avoiding the need for manual processing
  • identify popular topics, for example using hashtags and retweets, and to quantify their impact
  • filter tweets by location
  • explore tweets and relationships between them
  • visualise related tweets on maps, timelines and relationship graphs

SOMAG is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded interdisciplinary project. Geographers, urbanists and computer scientists are collaborating to understand how people use social media to overcome barriers to inclusive local communities, such as civic disengagement and social apathy.

Tweet My Street has been used to analyse data locally, nationally and internationally. Topics have ranged from investigating deprived areas, cultural interests and segments of society who are discriminated against using both historical and real-time data from Twitter.

SOMAG project image