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Research Software

Our core research revolves around software and wherever possible this is developed to be generic and applicable to a wide range of problems.

We have first-hand experience of many e-Science projects and have seen the same requirements repeatedly. Particularly from a research project perspective where often data is generated, it must be stored and analysed in a scalable, repeatable manner and finally the outputs must be shared, be it with a research group or to a wider audience. In order to facilitate this process we developed a cloud based analytics platform, e-Science Central

In addition to e-Science Central we also release other software such as the Performance and Provenance Server. This application is able to log events and record an audit trail of how data was generated or how it has been used. The server can also be used to predict how long future executions of services will take based on historical events.

We have a wide range of experience in the following technologies:

  • programming languages: Java, Javascript, C#, Bash, Powershell, PHP
  • statistics: R, Octave, Matlab
  • databases: Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, Neo4j
  • platforms: JBossAS/Wildfly, Node.js
  • cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Openstack
  • visualisations: D3, Highcharts
  • software development: Git/SVN, JIRA, Confluence

 If you would like to collaborate or require any help with these technologies, please get in touch.

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