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Newcastle University's Women's Network

NU Women is a network that is open to all women who work at the University. Set up in March 2009, the network is here to provide a forum for women to meet, share ideas, provide mutual support for their career development, and to feed into the University issues of concern and interest to women members of staff.  For more information about the Network please see our blog or follow us on Twitter.

Aims of the Network

  1. To support women working at Newcastle University in their careers.
  2. To be a voice for women and feed into institutional structures.
  3. To raise awareness around gender and diversity issues.
  4. To build active communities and networks.

We will meet these aims by:

  1. Providing a range of events and activities to support women's careers and professional development across the institution.
  2. Bringing together academic and professional services staff around common issues and challenges.
  3. Raising awareness of the network and its activities, including through its social media presence.
  4. Encouraging more staff to engage with gender equality and diversity agendas.
  5. Establishing and supporting as part of NU Women a Women Professors Network and a Professional Services Staff network.
  6. Maintaining existing links with Northumbria University.
  7. Making regional links with local business networks and women's charities.

Our Activities

We regularly hold events and ad hoc activities, details of which can be found on our blog: In addition, we have the following on-going activities:

NU Women Professors' Network (NUWPN)

The NUWPN is part of the wider NU Women family and shares the same broad aims as NU Women. In addition, NUWPN exists to provide opportunities for sharing ideas, experiences and strategies amongst and between senior women colleagues and to be a voice for women in the professoriate in relation to Newcastle University's institutional structures and decision making mechanisms. We organise two events each year with speakers and, between times, use the Network as a bulletin-board and for information exchange. We are currently (2016-17) running a peer-mentoring scheme as a pilot and will be evaluating the scheme at the end of the year. For further information or to talk about other activities with which the NUWPN might get involved, or to suggest topics for future events or discussions, please contact Karen Ross.

NU Women Professional Support Staff Network (NUWPSS)

The NUWPSS was established in November 2016 following a demand from PSS colleagues around the University for additional activity to be facilitated within the NU Women umbrella that was more targeted and tailored specifically for PSS colleagues. The network supports events, including external speakers, which have direct relevance to the PSS community and challenges being faced by women in such roles at Newcastle. Initially, we hosted two scoping workshops with members of the community to talk about what they are looking for from the new network, and there have been lots of great ideas and initiatives that will shape the PSS Network's agenda going forward.

If you're interested in getting more involved, want to share some ideas or feedback, or have any queries, please contact Lorna Wilson, chair of NU Women PSS Network.

Career Conversations Scheme

In response to feedback, we have developed a Career Conversations Scheme which offers the opportunity for our members to receive career mentoring from a more experienced colleague at the University. Through our new online database, NU Women members can browse profiles of mentors from across the University who are happy to spend an hour over coffee discussing career challenges and options.

Please click here to access the NU Women Career Conversations Scheme where you can login with your University username and password.

Writing Groups

Writing Space, NU Women's writing club, was set up to provide a supportive environment for women to pursue their writing, away from departmental demands. The writing club provides an opportunity to encourage women academics to protect half a day every week for research and provides a supportive environment and space away from the distractions of the office. Over 30 women have been members of the three dedicated writing groups during 2016-17.

For more information please contact Kathryn Hollingsworth, chair of NU Women Network.

Feminist Book Club

In May 2017, we established a feminist book club that meets every two months to discuss the books from the feminist online book club created by Emma Watson as part of her role as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador (

For more information please contact Jan Halliburton.

Mailing List

If you would like to sign up to the mailing list, please complete this form: Mailing List Form.  Please feel free to circulate this link to friends and colleagues who might be interested in joining the network and attending any of the events.


For information regarding NU Women, please contact Kathryn Hollingsworth, Chair of NU Women Network.

For information on the PSS network, please contact Lorna Wilson, Chair of the PSS Network.

For information on the Professors' network, please contact Karen Ross, Chair of the Professors' Network.