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Bullying and Harassment

Dignity and Respect

The purpose of the Dignity and Respect Procedure is to promote a working and learning environment and culture in which harassment and bullying are known to be unacceptable and where individuals have the confidence to deal with harassment and bullying without fear of victimisation.

Code of Practice and Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 126KB)

Further information if you feel you are being bullied or suffering from harassment at work (PDF, 103KB)

Further information if you have been accused of bullying or harassment (PDF, 76KB)

Complaint Form

Dignity and Respect Complaint form (Word, 115KB)

Sources of Support for Staff

The Just Ask team is made up of volunteers who have been trained to provide confidential support and direction to staff members who are feeling stressed at work, aware that stress can be caused by being bullied or harassed, or have been accused of bullying or harassment.

Recourse is a national charity set up to support all adult, further and higher education staff, offering practical and emotional support if you are experiencing problems in your home or work life.

Sources of Support for Students

If you feel unable to confront the person who is harassing or bullying you by yourself, you should seek help and advice from any one of the following people: