Annual Equality & Diversity Monitoring Report - Equality and Diversity - Newcastle University

Annual Report

From 31 July 2012 onwards the data used to conduct the staff Equality and Diversity Annual Monitoring Report will be downloaded on 31 July each year. This date matches the dates for data used elsewhere to monitor the Human Resources Strategy. The key findings will be embedded in the Human Resources Report to Council each year in December.


Annual Report Executive Summary 2016 (PDF, 475KB)

Annual Monitoring Report Final 2016 (PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 1 Staff Monitoring 2016 (PDF, 459KB)

Appendix 2 Data Tables 2016 (PDF, 818KB)


Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 481KB)

Appendix 1 Staff Monitoring 2015 (PDF, 308KB)

Appendix 2 Staff Data Tables 2015 (PDF, 456KB)

Appendix 3 Student Data 2015 (PDF, 362KB)


Annual Report 2014 (PDF, 276KB)

Appendix 1 Staff Monitoring 2014 (PDF, 305KB)

Staff Monitoring Appendix 2014 (PDF, 401KB)

Appendix 2 Student Monitoring 2014 (PDF, 316KB)


Annual Report 2013 (PDF, 124KB)

Appendix 1 Staff Monitoring 2013 (PDF, 295KB)

Staff Monitoring Appendix 2013 (PDF, 171KB)

Appendix 2 Student Monitoring 2013 (PDF, 367KB)