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Equal Pay Review

During the autumn of 2015, the University undertook its latest Equal Pay Review.

Initial findings were considered by Staff Committee, and a full report was considered by Diversity Committee on 24 March 2016.

What is an Equal Pay Review?

This is a review of our current pay and reward practices, policies and systems, to check for any unfair bias, to explore the reasons for any differences in the way people are rewarded and, where we think differences are not justified, to develop action to remove that difference.

The most common evidence used in an Equal Pay Review is to look for a 'pay gap' – this is a difference between the average pay of two particular groups, e.g. men and women, disabled and non-disabled staff. Persistent or significant pay gaps (e.g. more than 5%) between staff doing work of equal value (i.e. on the same grade) are a key piece of evidence and need to be investigated to show why the gap exists.

2015 Equal Pay Review

1 - Final Report (PDF, 356KB)

2 - EPR Highlights (PDF, 110KB)

3 - EPR 2015 Appendices (PDF, 469KB)

2011 Equal Pay Review

Full Report (PDF, 159KB)


1 - Explanatory Notes (PDF, 50KB)

2 - Grade Tables (PDF, 217KB)

3 - Starting Salaries (PDF, 139KB)

4 - Pay Review (PDF, 160KB)

5A - Promotions, Analysis of Applications (PDF, 100KB)

5B - Promotions by Faculty (PDF, 60KB)