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Cost of Living Impact Fund 2022/23

This fund is specifically for Doctoral and MPhil Students registered at Newcastle University.

Launch of the Newcastle University Cost of Living Impact Fund 2022/23

This fund is specifically for Doctoral, and MPhil Students registered at Newcastle University.

The Newcastle University Cost of Living Impact Fund 2022/23 provides dedicated support to Doctoral and MPhil Students who are Self-funded.  Following consultation with colleagues and students, we have opened up this fund to Doctoral and MPhil Students who are in receipt of a stipend from an external sponsor, where their sponsor has confirmed they will not be providing an uplift in stipend to the current UKRI rate of £17,668 to cover cost-of-living increases .

The purpose of this fund is to support those students where commencement or continuity of studies is at risk. Eligible students are able to apply for a one-off payment of up to £400 to cover immediate needs such as heating, food and living expenses over the winter period.

The Newcastle University Cost of Living Impact Fund 2022/23 has kindly received a donation to the fund from an NU Advancement Legacy.

This fund is open for applications from eligible Doctoral and MPhil Students and is here to support you, and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to apply. 

We have sought to keep the process of application as light touch as possible:

➢ For self-funded students please complete the short application and add a personal statement about the impact of the cost- of- living crisis.

➢ For externally sponsored students please do the following prior to application:

  • Please contact your sponsor requesting an uplift to your stipend to allow for increases in cost-of-living. To help with this, we have prepared a letter for explaining the current cost of living situation, which is signed on behalf of the University by our Deputy-Vice-Chancellor. A copy of the letter can be found here PGR Cost of Living - letter to Partners Sept 22 (PDF:625.3KB).
  • As soon as you have received a response confirming that your sponsor will not be uplifting your stipend to address cost-of-living impact, please complete the application form and upload this response as evidence to support your application. Please note we will accept a formal letter of response or an email from the sponsor that contains a contact name, designation, and address of the sponsor.

Please understand that we are obliged to have a process to demonstrate that the funds are being used for their intended purpose.   

The University is mindful of changing circumstances and will keep the levels of support under review during the 22/23 academic year.


To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  • Be self-funded or a sponsored student with confirmation from your sponsor of your currernt stipend rates.
  • Demonstrate in your application the impact of the cost-of- living crisis, and the implications for your continued study.
  • Not be in receipt of UKRI or University funding.
  • Not normally be in receipt of more than one source of Doctoral College funding (excluding Doctoral College travel and conference funding) at any one time.

Priority will be given to Postgraduate Research Students who have not yet submitted. If you are under examination, you must clearly articulate the impact on completion of your studies. 

Application Form:
You need to complete all sections of this form below including the personal statement.

If you have any queries about the Cost-of-Living Impact Fund 2022/23, please email

Please note: 

There is additional support that continues to be available to students experiencing difficulties. In general, this support is under-subscribed by PGR students. Please refer to additional Personal Support that is available to you here.  

Useful information on ways to manage your money whilst at University can be found here.

If you have also been impacted by the effects of Covid you may be entitled to claim from the Covid 19 Impact Funding Scheme, see here for details and a link to the application form.

Further information on the University's cost of living support and resources can be found here.