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Computers, not classes

Years ago, while working with IT training company NIIT, he made a hole in a wall, put a computer in it and went away. This was in India’s Capital Delhi. Soon, curious children from slums close by walked up to the machine and within days learned how to use it, creating what’s called a self-organised learning environment (SOLE) for themselves. Considered to be a SOLE pioneer, Prof Sugata Mitra, a professor of educational technology at Newcastle University, recently opened the ninth SOLE research lab (a tiny 15-feet cube of a room) in one corner of a rural school’s playground in Dasghara, near Kolkata in West Bengal. Part of the funds for this initiative have come from the $1m TED Prize Mitra won in 2013 for the novel SOLE idea. Why Dasghara? Because it’s located near his mother’s ancestral home and the lab is in a school that was originally funded by his grand uncle and aunt.

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published on: 29 November 2016