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NQTs buzzing with great ideas

We all know about the struggles of getting newly qualified teachers involved in the Union: workload, no one has time to sit through a two-hour meeting, and sometimes, 'union' in a dirty word. 

But what if we could make a 'union' a different sort of word? 

One that suggested positive change, that things can be better, being part of a movement making the world a better, fairer place. 

One a mission to inspire NQTs

Many of us already think of the Union like that, but it's not always easy to see over a pile of marking. 

So, armed with a buffet, cookies and grand plans, the Northern National Education Union (NEU) borrowed a PGCE cohort and tried to show them what a campaigning Union is really for. 

Volunteer mentors discussed NEU campaigns, the successes we've achieved and the vision we have for education. 

Students were handing a 'Build your own campaign' guide and were soon buzzing with ideas: developing and supporting diversity in schools; workload and mental health concerns; assessment reform; and curriculum suggestions around increasing accessibility and engagement. 

Students will present their ideas to a judging panel, including NEU joint general secretary Kevin Courtney, at an awards dinner in June, and the strongest campaign will be funded by NEU Northern region. 

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2018 edition of The Teacher, the National Education Union magazine. 

PGCE students in Union talk

published on: 26 July 2018