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The LinguaChef Prize 2020 is launched

The LinguaChef Prize is a free competition for people who enjoy both cooking and learning foreign languages! It uses the free Linguacuisine app which was developed here in ilab:learn. The app has been used by people in over 70 countries around the world to learn foreign languages at the same time as they cook a meal from that culture. Choose a foreign language and a recipe from that country. Then your own smartphone or tablet will speak to you in the foreign language and talk you through all of the stages of cooking the recipe. If you can’t understand, just press a button to get a photo, text or video explaining what to do.

You can also upload your own language learning recipe video in any language, which people all around the world can then download – they will then watch you teaching them while they cook! To win the LinguaChef Prize 2020 you will need to upload your own video clips, audio files, photos and text.

 The LinguaChef Prize 2020 will be awarded to the person who uploads the best language learning recipe using the Linguacuisine recipe author software during the period 1 February to 15 June 2020. The prize consists of a payment of £200 plus a LinguaChef Gold Certificate. There are 2 runner-up prizes with £50 each plus a LinguaChef Silver Certificate. All will feature on the front page of all Linguacuisine media and the recipes will be promoted around the world on the website.

The language learning recipe can involve learning any language and any recipe. There is no cost to making an entry.

Full details and guidance on how to enter for the LinguaChef prize can be found on :

The results of last year’s 2019 competition can be seen on

The LinguaChef Prize
The LinguaChef Prize 2020

published on: 3 February 2020