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UK teacher writes in defence of 'evidence' for SOLE

In response to your article 'Sugata Mitra - the professor with his head in the cloud'Guardian (7th June 2016)

Dear Peter,

So, I am a teacher in my seventeenth year of teaching, as you can imagine over that time I have seen a lot of trends come and go, oh the hours on courses I have spent listening to the new ideas. Now don’t get me wrong I am not cynical at all, in fact I embrace change – it’s innovative and what keeps my ideas fresh.

So when I looked one day at the TED app on my iPad and came across Sugata Mitra’s talk, I was utterly inspired. It was everything I believed in: collaborative learning; high expectations of the learners; believing in children; celebrating how smart they are – in a nutshell SOLE. I contacted Sugata and since then have not looked back. SOLE is very much part of our KS2 environment, the children have utterly embraced it and the learning from it is phenomenal. 

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published on: 18 July 2016