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Comprehensive Assessment of Reading in Aphasia

The Comprehensive Assessment of Reading in Aphasia (CARA) has been designed to be used by Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) and other qualified professionals to assess reading in people with aphasia.

About CARA

The assessment emerges from a research project funded by the Stroke Association. CARA will soon be available for purchase, so we wanted to let you know about it.

CARA was designed with and for people with aphasia, and SLTs. It provides a comprehensive profile of someone’s reading, with linguistic sub-tests examining single word, sentence and paragraph level comprehension. Importantly, CARA also allows consideration of the person’s feelings and preferences about reading; it does this via a questionnaire and reading activity task. There are optional sub-tests focused on reading aloud.

Online and traditional testing

We know that SLTs currently use a variety of assessments to consider reading. The CARA brings these together into one test. Our users told us they wanted traditional printed hard copies of the test and an online version. The web-based test collates and summarises responses to create a report immediately on completion. This report can then be used by the SLT when planning further assessment and treatment.

Register your interest

If you are interested in hearing more about the CARA and/or being notified when it is available, please complete the short online form. We look forward to releasing the CARA shortly.

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