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Dr Emma Miller

Senior Teacher


HCPC number: PYL25195

Skills and Experience

Working as an Educational Psychologist for the last ten years I understand that collaboration is genuinely at the heart of my practice and I work proactively with colleagues within my own service and from different teams and departments to build shared understanding and improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

Building relationships is fundamental to the role of the educational psychologist and requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I have worked closely and successfully with a number of schools through a service level agreement. Appreciating multiple factors within the wider systems through which I operate requires a flexible approach and ultimately enables me to work collaboratively to effect change. There has been growing demand annually for our service

Prior to this, I gained invaluable experience as an Educational Psychologist  working within a multi-disciplinary team as part of the locality inclusion support team. Working in a paced, referral based model to deliver a psychological service within a wider locality.

Applying Psychology requires me to be proactive in building an understanding of my role within a particular situation and being prepared to work across a wide variety of contexts within a vast range of complex issues.

A consultation approach allows me to build my understanding  and to seek other engagement in negotiating our roles and potential outcomes. I apply psychology and engage with others in a variety of ways:

  • I use varied assessment tools to gain insight into the needs of children and young people from preschool through to post 16
  • I often work with individual young people utilising principles from Narrative Therapy and Solution Orientated Approaches
  • I have worked with families using Video Interaction Guidance and am currently undergoing supervision to receive practitioner accreditation
  • I regularly identify capacity building opportunities which arise through consultation conversation and I deliver training frequently to school staff at a group and whole school level . I have also delivered taring at a local authority level

The schools I work with serve communities  where there is a high level of deprivation, families where there are a complex range of needs and history of multi-disciplinary  involvement.  Schools are keen that I am involved within Team Around the Family meetings and I engage proactively with professionals from a range of disciplines.

Other skills , experiences:

  • Working  collaboratively with my comprehensive  school to identify a range of training sessions with the aim of supporting a preventative approach to learning and behavioural needs.
  • Preventative working to enable smooth transition by building capacity within receiving schools. As part of this role, I have planned, coordinated, and delivered local authority wide training on a number of topics.
  • I provide Psychological advice to Education Health and Care Assessment s within statutory deadlines. I have been proactive in working with colleagues to respond to feedback from our local authority SEN inspection and best practice guidance to ensure our contributions to the assessments are outcome focused and child centred. I frequently attend and often chair Action Planning Meetings.
  • Coordinating a number CPD and peer supervision sessions with my colleagues in the service on a range of topics. I have been proactive in encouraging  debate and discussion on assessment and report writing. To build my owns skills and creativity and to ensure my own practice continues to meet the needs of service users.
  •  I have worked closely with the senior leadership team to support the development of the service.  Building capacity to broaden our role within the local authority in relation to supporting mental health and therapeutic work.
  • I valued the opportunity to supervise Trainee EPs. I value both being supervised in peer supervision model and the chance to offer supervision to my colleagues within the service

Employment History

Academic and Professional Tutor: Newcastle University January 2019 to present

Academic and Professional Tutor: Newcastle University: January 2017- August 2017

Educational Psychologist to present 

Delivering a traded service to schools. Working with and safeguarding children and young people in a variety of contexts and with a range of needs. Carrying out psychological assessment and interventions including but not limited to consultation and therapeutic working. Working with and supporting parents and school staff. Communicating effectively with a range of professionals. Managing a complex caseload. Delivering psychological advice to deadlines. Multi-agency working. Participating in , leading on service development activities.

Academic Experience

I am currently supporting post graduate students on the Doctorate in Applied Educational Psychology as an academic tutor and research supervisor.

I have worked as an internal examiner in June 2019 and have completed appropriate learning and development workshops in order to fulfill the requirements of this role.


Doctorate in Applied Educational Psychology

Sep06 – October 09  - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Post graduate Certificate in Education – Primary (PGCE)

July 03 - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

BA Hons (BPS Accred)

Psychology and Physiology Combined Honours

July 2000 - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne


Narrative Therapy Level 1 & 2 Institute of Narrative Therapy