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Kirsty Blewitt

Teaching Fellow in Cross-Cultural Com.


I have been a Teaching Fellow in Cross-Cultural Communication (CCC) since 2017 and am Degree Programme Director for both the MA CCC Education and MA CCC International Relations pathways.


After completing my BA (Hons) in Japanese and Cultural Studies, I went on the complete the MA CCC International Relations course, both at Newcastle University. As part of my undergraduate degree I spent a year in Japan studying at Waseda University, Tokyo. I completed my PhD in Applied Linguistics in June 2018 (also at Newcastle University), investigating interactions in US courtroom during two first degree murder trials, including narrative, multimodal, and linguistic aspects of interaction.

I am an active member of the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL), where I currently hold the position of Ethics Officer on the Executive Committee.


I am module leader for:

ALC8003 Research Methods

ALC3011 Working in Intercultural Workplace Settings

ALC2011 Language and Cross-Cultural Communication

I also contribute lectures to:

ALC8010 Culture, Identity and Interculturality (virtual; narrative; and commodified and gendered identities)


My research interests include courtroom and police interactions; deception detection; forensic linguistics; narrative in legal discourses; identity in legal settings; virtual identities; and ethics in research.