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Dr Saeede Haghi

Teaching Fellow in Applied Linguistics-TESOL


I joined Newcastle University as Teaching Fellow in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2019, having previously worked as a Teaching Associate in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Sheffield. My main areas of research include English for Academic Purposes and Language Testing. 

I have been involved in English language education in the UK and abroad for the past fifteen years. My career began as a general English instructor, and, later, an educational advisor, the responsibilities of which involved conducting and marking placement tests, as well as arranging observation sessions for teachers as part of their CPD. Following the completion of a CELTA course in London, I continued to work as a teacher trainer and subsequently took on a new role as an EAP tutor, initially in EMI contexts, then, later, in the UK. In the past five years, I have also been involved with MA TESOL teaching in a number of British universities 


PhD, Applied Linguistics and TESOL, University of Warwick

MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL (with a Specialism in Language Testing), University of Warwick (Distinction)

BA, English Language and Literature 




Area of expertise


English for Academic Purposes

Language Assessment and Testing

Programme Evaluation

Materials Design and Development


Previous Positions

Teaching Associate in Applied Linguistics-TESOL, University of Sheffield

Sessional Tutor, University of Warwick

EAP tutor, University of Warwick

Various ELT roles including teacher, teacher trainer, British Council examiner and item writer



International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL/IATEFL TEASIG)- Committee member

British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP)

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE)

UK Association for Language Testing and Assessment (UKALTA)

British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)


I am currently module leader for the following modules:

ALC8033 English for Academic Purposes 

ALC8031 Discourse Analysis for English Language Teachers 

Other modules I contribute to:

ALC8020 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics 


Over the past five years, I have extensively researched various aspects of EAP both in my PG studies as well as other funded projects. These included:


British Council Research into Reading Grants Scheme, United Kingdom (2017-2018):

This study aimed to provide a better awareness of the challenges encountered by learners of various backgrounds in reading academic publications and engaging with written materials in their disciplines. Readability measures (e.g. LEXILE) were used in this study to design an experimental reading test consisting of sections with varying difficulty levels. Many-facet Rasch modelling was used to investigate any interaction between reading comprehension performance of students from various educational backgrounds and lexical complexity and syntax features of the text.

ETS ‘TOEFL Researcher/Practitioner’ Grant, United States (2015-2016):

This project investigated the use of an in-house pre-entry EAP test (in an EMI university in Turkey) and commercial pre-entry EAP tests (i.e. TOEFL ITP test), and comparing them in terms of curricular coverage, statistical distribution and practicality. Acting as the PI in this project, I collaborated with the item-writing team back in Istanbul, while seeking advice from testing advisors in the ETS and liaising between the two teams. A report of the project was sent to the ETS, and the results were used to improve the in-house test in the corresponding university and align it with the CEFR.

Warwick Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Full Scholarship (2015-2018):

Being awarded the highly competitive Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Scholarship for my PhD project, I investigate the nature and efficacy of in-sessinal EAP provision across British universities. In this project, I surveyed in-sessional academic English provision offered at UK universities and investigated policies governing the ways such provision seeks to address English language proficiency and academic literacy needs of increasing numbers of incoming students from diverse language and educational backgrounds.