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Professional Development

Professional Development

Teachers & Educators

If you are a teacher or lecturer, your students’ learning becomes the priority. It's also important to make time for your own personal and professional development.

Making sense of your students' needs, helping them to make progress and to enjoy learning is essential. Your need for professional learning can become subsumed by the demands of the job.

Helping you develop

Meeting the needs of your learners challenges you to be at the top of your game. Engaging in professional learning can fuel your own development, helping you to gain:

  • insight
  • skills
  • knowledge

We recognise the value in engaging in professional development opportunities that extend our practice. Our academic staff are all themselves educators, whether they are:

  • lecturers
  • teaching fellows
  • researchers

Meeting your needs and the needs of our learners is a challenge we embrace. So, our programmes encourage you to push boundaries and to enrich your practice. We are developing provision to meet many different needs.

We offer excellent postgraduate continuing professional development qualifications for teachers, lecturers and other educators. Photo by Simon Veit-Wilson
We offer excellent postgraduate continuing professional development qualifications for teachers, lecturers and other educators.

Master's degree

Postgraduate (PPD)

There are many reasons to consider Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) opportunities.

Benefits of PPD

These include:

  • positive career benefits
  • changes in career
  • promotion

Our PPD programmes 

We offer the following programmes (some part-time):

More information

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CPD in Speech & Language Sciences

We offer a range of continuing professional development (CPD) related to speech and language therapy.

CPD modules

The CPD opportunities include a number of standalone Master's level modules. They are a result of close partnership with regional SLT managers and clinical leads. 

The modules offered changes each year. Modules offered in the next academic year can be found here

The focus is on quality improvement in an individual practitioner's workplace. This is through: 

  • Identification of clinical or strategic issues
  • Exploration of the evidence base to address that issue
  • Completion of work-based projects

In this way, managers or individual practitioners can address current issues. It helps translate research and best evidence into practice.  


Each modules is accredited as 20 credits Masters level CPD. 

Study time

These modules are relevant to: 

  • Speech and language therapists (SLTs)
  • Allied health professionals (AHPs)
  • Specialist teachers
  • Logopedie and orthophonistes
  • Logopèdes and logopädie
  • Speech and language pathologists

The modules are accessible to professionals working full-time. We teach them over two or three full days at the University. 

Each module needs approximately 10 study days in total. Self-study is supported by: 

  • Email
  • A virtual learning environment
  • Discussion boards
  • Facebook groups

Evidence-based practice

There is also the opportunity to study the Clinical Linguistics and Evidence Based Practice (Research) MCc PGDip.