School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences

Liz Sherman

Liz Sherman

Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies MA

Nationality: USA
Year graduated: 2012

Your course

I liked my course. This degree allowed me to focus on a specific branch of the subject area. The media side of things was new to me. I enjoyed studying the media representation of different cultures.

The staff in my school were helpful and flexible. They are fantastic. They want to make the course the most beneficial experience for each individual student.

Making friends

Making friends was easy. Everyone showed up in the first week in the same situation - wanting to get to know people. I made friends with a lot of international students.

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to come to the UK because a Master's in the US was expensive. The idea of studying cultures outside of my own was also appealing. I chose Newcastle because of the course.

I was impressed with the information on the website and did more research on the university and area. It showed there were a lot of opportunities outside my degree.


The facilities at Newcastle were accessible to students. The King's Gate building was welcoming to students and it is obvious where to go for help.

I used the Robinson Library and the Resource Centre. The material there tied in with my programme and it was almost like a mini library.


I lived in private accommodation in Jesmond. It was close to the campus and the city centre and next to the schools, which meant it was quiet at weekends.

The city

It is a great student city which embraces the student population. I enjoyed going to the Quayside market on a Sunday morning and going out to eat, as well as the nightlife.

There a good mix of things to do whether you like partying or prefer a more subdued lifestyle. You will never be bored.

Advice for future students

I would recommend Newcastle to other students from the US. In fact, I told a few friends to come here. The thought of studying overseas can be intimidating.

If you are open minded, you will find people in the UK and Newcastle embrace you.