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Brian Alderson donates children’s literature collection

A Lilliputian Miscellany exhibition is on display from June – August 2017

Children’s books expert Brian Alderson has curated a new exhibition at the Philip Robinson Library, marking the donation of his personal children’s literature collection to Newcastle University and Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books.

A Lilliputian Miscellany is designed to show some of the less usual books and manuscripts in Brian’s collection, relating many of them to his career as a writer, translator and editor. What a commingling will be seen as the Brothers Grimm rub shoulders with Charles Kingsley, or a tribute is paid to those Northumbrian figures of Thomas Bewick illustrating Mother Goose’s Melody and Joseph Ritson with his Gammer Gurton’s Garland.

You can also buy a copy of Brian’s exhibition catalogue, ‘A Lilliputian Miscellany: Bio-bibliographical Notes on a Collection’ on the Newcastle University Webstore.

For more information about Brian Alderson’s work and his collection, visit the Brian Alderson website.

Brian Alderson, A Lilliputian Miscellany

published on: 25 May 2017