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Beyond SELLL

Beyond SELLL

Beyond SELLL explores how our students' and graduates' employability is enhanced through the study of English.

The study of English Literature, Language and Linguistics gives graduates excellent higher level skills. These skills make our graduates employable in a wide range of careers.

Yet research has shown that nationally there is a need for schools of English to articulate the way the education they offer prepares people for a range of different careers.

There is also a need to emphasise the value of studies in the disciplines in employment terms. This project aims to work with students and staff to explore this.

We will engage staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students in the project's design, delivery and evaluation, with an aim to develop a shared language. It will also involve alumni and key external partners.

The project offers opportunities for students to participate in interactive learning. This includes working on creative solutions to real life problems as a way of exploring and making visible skills and attributes that contribute to employability.

Prof Jenny Richards and PhD candidate Jane Nolan have been awarded a University Teaching and Learning Committee innovation award for this project.

Project lead

Jane Nolan MBE is a graduate of the School, with a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature and an MA in English Literature.

As a successful entrepreneur, she values the skills and attributes gained through her studies in the School. She has also worked in a wide variety of voluntary roles in the community.

This diverse experience, together with her many years as an employer, has led her to believe the transferable skills and attributes from the study of English can significantly enhance employability.

She is currently researching this through her PhD.

Jane is an Entrepreneur in Residence with the University's Careers Service. She is involved in a wide variety of activities including teaching and curriculum development.

Email Jane Nolan for further information about the project.