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English Language and Literature Induction

Q300: English Language and Literature

The first steps

Registration and Induction is an exciting time, although if you turn up unprepared it may seem a little daunting. Below are some things you can do now to make sure you have the best experience in your first few weeks with us.

1.       Download the Newcastle University App 

 (iTunesGoogle PlayWindowsPhone)

The app will be very useful when you start your studies.  You can use it to see your timetable, find a free PC on campus, contact other students and staff, plus much more.  During Induction you can use the App to find your way around Campus; with its interactive map you will not get lost in your first week. 

2.       Prepare your hardware with some free software

Newcastle University students can download Office365 for FREE.  It is also a good idea to try to access all the components you will need for your studies here, we have an excellent IT Service Desk and they are happy to assist you at any time (available 24/7) 0191 208 5999 or

3.       Memorise the important stuff

When you become a student you will be asked on numerous occasions for the below information, memorising these details now, storing them in your phone and adding them to your email signature will make everything easier later on:

  • Your degree code and title (eg.  Q306 English Literature)
  • Your module codes (eg. SEL1000)
  • Your student number (eg. 171234567) - although they will look similar, your username starts with a letter and is for your use only.  Your student number is a 9 digit number and is what we will need when helping you with any request, you will also use this number to submit your assignments 

4.       Pick your optional modules

All students will study 120 credits.  Students will normally study 60 credits in each semester. In particular circumstances they may, however, study 50 credits in one semester and 70 credits in the other.  If you programme offers optional modules, you should aim to choose these as soon as possible.

5.       Do some research

Browse through our website; check out your reading lists and download your induction timetable.  Read up on your chosen degree again, you will be surprised what you may have overlooked as a prospective student, which may now seem very important.  If you have any questions, don’t be shy; call, email or pop in and see us, we are excited to get to know you so the sooner the better!

English Reading Area


All students will study 120 credits, 60 credits in each semester.

You will be asked for your module codes multiple times during the year. You should take the time to learn the codes as well as the titles.


Semester 1 - 60 Credits

Semester 2 - 60 Credits


Induction timetable

Induction starts at 9:30am on Monday 23rd September.  All induction events are compusory unless otherwise stated.


In addition to the sessions offered by the School, please keep an eye out for events organised by the Students' Union, Clubs and Societies and Sports Teams!

Teaching timetable

To view student timetables you need to be registered with the University and have your student ID and password.   You can access your timetable in two ways:

  1. Desktop (personal and module specific timetables)
  2. Mobile (personal timetables only): Download the iTunesGoogle PlayWindowsPhone app
Your draft timetable will be available from the 2nd September 2019 
Your finalised timetable will be available on the 30th September 2019

It is your responsibility to check your timetable for clashes and report any problems to the School Office.  This is especially important when signing up for optional modules as not all modules offered to you will fit into your timetable with your compulsory modules.  When it comes to picking modules you only need to check your lecture times.  Lectures cannot be moved but seminars can be changed. 

Once the final timetable is published, check your timetable again for seminar clashes.  If you notice any clashes please come to the School Office and complete a seminar change form.  You can only change a seminar if you have a clash with another module, you have a long standing medical appointment or work commitments.  Timetables can only be changed during the first two teaching weeks of each semester.

Helpful links:

Timetable App

Reading lists

Reading lists are available online and issued per module. 

You do not need to buy anything prior to arrival or start studying just yet.  We recommend that you purchase the essential list for your semester one modules during your first few weeks with us. If you are keen and want to get started now we do recommend editions with introductions to help you make sense of the scholarly discussions around the text and notes which analyse difficult passages (Penguin and Oxford editions are strongly recommended where available). Kindle or digital editions with these features are acceptable. 

Blackwell’s (conveniently located on the edge of Campus) is a great place to buy your books. Some of the benefits of buying your books through Blackwell’s are:

  • They offer price matching
  • They bundle book packages for some modules
  • They buy and sell used books
  • You can purchase online or in store
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