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Erasmus Plus


The Erasmus programme for universities in the EU offers funded places for students and is very highly regarded academically.

The aim of the Erasmus programme is to improve the quality of higher education within the European Union (EU) and to strengthen the European dimension of that education by encouraging transnational co-operation and mobility of students and teachers.

It is funded and supported by the Education Commission of the EU.

Students registered for degrees in the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics have the option to study abroad at the following EU institutions:

  • Agder University, Kristiansand, Norway (1 student per year)
  • University of Leiden, Netherlands (2 students per year)
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands (variable quota)
  • University Ghent, Belgium (1 student per year)

All courses available to School of English Erasmus students are taught in English.

All Erasmus students receive a Student Mobility Grant from the EU during their time abroad, and the amount allocated depends on where the student goes and how long the study period is.

The grant is not means tested and does not have to be paid back unless the terms of the exchange are broken. Extra money is also given to students who undertake relevant language courses.

Under the terms of Erasmus exchanges, students do not have to pay any tuition fees to the host institution. However, the Newcastle tuition fee is payable for the semester spent abroad.

Find out how to apply.

How to Apply

Here you will find details of the process for applying to study abroad via Erasmus.

Step 1. Nomination

First, you need to identify which partner institution you'd like to study at. You can find details of the University's and School's exchange partners via the Student Mobility and Integration team webpages

Look at the partner institution's website and identify some modules you would potentially be interested in taking (which are compatible with your degree requirements here, ie still in your subject area).

Collect an Erasmus exchange nomination form from the Student Mobility and Integration team at King's Gate, Level 2. During term time, their week-day drop-in sessions are: 10:00-11:00 and 14:00-15:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Erasmus contacts at the Student Mobility and Integration team (King's Gate level 2) are:

Once you have completed the form, see Dr Emily Murphy (during office hours or by appointment) to discuss your plans and get your nomination form signed.

Submit your signed nomination form to the Student Mobility and Integration team at King's Gate level 2, by the deadline.

Step 2. Application

To make the application, there are two application forms to complete.

The first is a standard Newcastle Erasmus Exchange Application form which is obtained from and returned to the Student Mobility and Integration team (King's Gate level 2).

The deadline for submitting this form is in February in the academic year before you want to go abroad. You will need the approval and signature of the School's exchange coordinator, Dr Cristina Dye, for this.

The second form is provided by the European university in which you wish to study. These are usually available from that university's website. It is your responsibility to obtain, complete and return this form to the selected European university by the deadline specified by the institution.